GMX-PhotoPainter is a software which will transform your Digital Photo into an Artist Quality Drawing in just a few minutes:

number one

Original Image

Blue Frog Original
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Digital Photo being painted with GMX-PhotoPainter

number two
Blue Frog Unfinished
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number three

Resultant painting…

Blue Frog Painted GMX-PhotoPainter

What can be done with GMX-PhotoPainter?

It includes a Variety of Styles:

And user defined styles like Pastels, Van Gogh, Seurat, Pointillism, and many others.

By visiting the On-Line Users Gallery you can check what can be done with GMX-PhotoPainter.

How it works?

As a real painting, GMX-PhotoPainter paintings are composed of many overlapped brushstrokes. You have the freedom to choose and combine your own settings, but at the same time will guide the process of painting by automatically choose the colors and directions of the brushstrokes.

To practically learn more about it:
Quick Tutorial on How to Transform a Digital Photo to a painting