Easily Turn your Digital Photos into Paintings!

GMX-PhotoPainter is Perfect for Photographers, Artists, Hobbyists and Students

Choose from Pen and Ink, Crayon, Oil, Watercolor or Pastel, and Paint like Van Gogh, Seurat or Matisse.
Create your own styles by combining different brushes, textures and painting techniques, the number of combinations is endless.

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Try different styles and tools

While GMX provides you a variety of predefined styles, the real power of GMX-PhotoPainter comes when you define your own styles.
There are a lot of properties that a style have, each of which can be modified.

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Automatic Painting

AutoPaint This tool automatically determine the brushstrokes directions. This means that the user does not need to move the mouse in a specific direction to guide the brushstrokes, the orientation of the brushstrokes will be obtained in an automatic way based on the characteristics of the image.

Quick Start Guide
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Wizard Paint is iOS version of GMX-PhotoPainter

January 2019
Gertrudis Graphics launched the iOS version: Wizard Paint.
It comes with the same tools and algorithms that gave rise to the GMX-PhotoPainter, now you can draw with your fingers on an iPad.


What can be done with it?

Visit our Featured Artist Page or our Art Gallery to see what is being created by artists of all abilities!

Before and After Examples

Before and After Examples
See the original and its painted version

GMX-PhotoPainter gets 5 Stars from
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The thing that makes this program unique is the brilliant way it allows you to paint using the different freehand modes. The Autosketch option helps the strokes follow contours in the image as if by magic...

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iOS Version

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  • Requires: iPad and iOS 10 and later
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