This tutorial will show you how to transform an Architectural 3D Rendering to an Artistic Painting.

Often Architects and Real State brokers want to show an embellished version of the 3D Renderings of their projects or photos of existing houses or buildings.
GMX-PhotoPainter offer a variety of options to do such job, from Pen&Ink sketches to Crayon Paintings.

This tutorial will show you how to achieve the transformation, in this tutorial it was used also Adobe Photoshop for image compositing, borders extraction and unsharp masking.
The original image was generously supplied by a 3D Imaging Render CGI Graphics and 3D Animation Company.

Original Image

3D Rendered House

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  1. The following result was obtained by first enhancing the borders using Photoshop, and then creating the Pen & Ink version in GMX-PhotoPainter. Learn more about Pen&Ink

Artistic Rendering

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  1. The following it’s a GMX-PhotoPainter version of the original, no preprocessing was done. It was done with the preset “Pastel brushes > grainy”

  1. The next one, it’s the result of combining the results of the Pen&Ink versions and the pastel version. The combination was done using layers in Adobe Photoshop. Learn more about how to superimpose borders.

  1. The following result was done by combining the Pen&Ink version with a version in watercolor done with GMX-PhotoPainter, as in (3), the combination was done using Adobe Photoshop.