Wizard Paint

Turn your Digital Photos into Paintings

Wizard Paint is the iOS version of the Award Winning Software GMX-PhotoPainter.
Choose from Pen and Ink, Crayon, Oil, Watercolor or Pastel, and Paint like Van Gogh, Seurat or Matisse.
Create your own styles by combining different brushes, textures and painting techniques, the number of combinations is endless.

How does it works?

As with traditional painting, Wizard Paint creations are composed of many overlapped brushstrokes. You have the creative freedom to choose and combine your own styles and settings, but at the same time guiding the painting process by automatically choosing the colors and directions of the brushstrokes.

Wizard Paint Step by Step

Use the arrows at the left and right sides to navigate through the slide show to get a first look at how to use Wizard Paint.

What can be done with it?

Visit our Featured Artist Page or our Art Gallery to see what is being created by artists of all abilities!