Previous versions of GMX-PhotoPainter

Gertrudis Pro (Windows-Only)

Is a Windows-Only version. It supports Wacom Devices
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Gertrudis Pro Creations
GMX-PhotoPainter 1.1 (Windows-Only)

This was the last version which was released only for Windows, is a powerful software which includes a lot of advanced features.
Many people still loves that piece of software, and they regret that this development line has reached to its end.

Notably it include the possibility to work at medium resolution and export to High Resolution:

Create High Resolution paintings

GMX-PhotoPainter 1.1 gives the option of rendering the output at any resolution without loss of quality or pixelation.
The following sequence was created with GMX-PhotoPainter 1.1:

Screenshots of GMX-PhotoPainter 1.1
Gertrudis PS (Windows-Only)

While this version is a bit dated it stills includes an interesting feature:
Each stroke is recorded in a vectorial format, this let the user to export the resulting drawing as a Postscript format.
The resulting drawing will show details even at large scales because it can be rendered at any resolution.

Gertrudis PS Screenshots
Gertrudis PS is Free!

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