Achieving Details with GMX-PhotoPainter

The intention of this tutorial is showing how to achive details with GMX-PhotoPainter

Here is the Original Image (shown at 50% scale):

Tiger Original Image

Start your painting with large Brushestrokes

Select the Pattern Tool,
Pattern tool

Select the style you want, we selected a style named “Large” Under the Oil-Painting palette:


Here are shown the settings as it comes from the Oil-Painting-”Large” style:

settings - First

After a few quick brushstrokes over the canvas, with the “Pattern Tool” here is the first result:

Cat Painting - First Stage

Now Select the “Autosketch Tool”,
autoketch tool
and apply it with the same settings (width, legth, and transparency) over the canvas:

Cat Painting Stage two

Now diminish the Width, Transparency and Stroke Length, as shown below:
settings - Second

Here is how the painting looks like:

Cat-Painting-Stage 3

Accomplishing Details

To accomplish the details, we will progressively diminish the Width, Length and Transparency

settings - Third

Here is the result:

Cat Painting Semi-Final Stage

For the final result we did two more passes, but only over the eyes, nose and mustaches, here are the settings:

settings - Fourth

settings - Fifth

Final Result

Cat Painting Final Result