Author: Martin Duerr

Martin Duerr (CyberSign)

Martin is an experienced 2D/3D Artist, his home page

Hobbies: Reading books (thriller, scientific, history…it’s more like a drug for me! ), Eating chocolate, Dancing with my wife (Latin and Standard).

Tools: I have all neccessary tools (Painter, TwistedBrush, Dogwaffle), but my tools of choice are Dogwaffle and Gertrudis.

Workplace/Family: I Live with my wife and my son Earby Munich / Germany

Education: I’ve Studied Graphic-Design, also I have had an special training in Banknote design.

Inspired by: a Lot of old painters like Rembrandt, Turner, Velasquez, Caspar David Friedrich etc. as well as new one like Concept Designers and Amercian Painters of the present

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