Author: Les Davis

Les Davis is a graphic conceptualizer/designer, artist/photographer,and advertising executive, retired, with extensive published experience in print. He resides in Clearwater, Florida, USA. After an extended bout with health issues he reemerged creatively in 2005 to pursue digital fine arts principally developing a photo-illustration technique for his individual style. A former portrait artist, as well, he worked in acrylic, line and pastel coventionally. He is developing a blog site for feedback and welcomes comments.
The site is not as yet set up for search engines but can be accessed using the URL.

In march of this year he discovered GERTRUDIS and immediately embraced the software as a probable entity for taking his digital painting to the next level. The potential is enormous for individual style and expression on a pro fine arts level.

He is a member of several, visual artist, exhibiting groups- locally, where he is struggling with others to gain public respect and Art Show acceptance of digital art. He stresses that potential digital artists develop their own original photography and uniqueness, by minimizing gimmic filter use.

He also works in CorelDRAW V9 and uses an Out-of-production image editor- (Micrografx PICTURE PUBLISHER V7) which he swears by. He has several other image editors but does not use Photoshop.

Les is a salt water boating, outdoor enthusist where Florida is tops!

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