Author: Arlene Higginson

Arlene Higginson is a talented artist from Vernon, New Jersey, USA, you can visit her web site at:

I’m a Mom first, and am also starting a small business. My product is customized sports art of young athletes. These are digital paintngs from photos. A portion of the sale goes to the League, so it’s a fundraiser as well.

My tools are a Wacom tablet, Photoshop, Painter, And now Gertrudis also. Gertrudis enables me to produce beautiful results quickly, which allows me to keep the cost down for my customers.

I work from home which suits our family well.
I live with my husband Tom, and our 2 sons, Sean 14 and Tom 12.
I have a computer programming background and am a self taught digital artist.

My inspiration artistically comes from artists Van Gough and Leroy Nieman and also Photographer Bob Borsuk.

Personal Inspiration comes from my family & friends.

This a a Gertrudis composition of my 2 beautiful sons as babies.

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